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CHILDREN MATTERS - For Parents and relatives

If you are involved in a dispute in relation to your children and cannot reach an agreement, we can help you to get a legal solution. We advise on all matters in relation to childcare.

Child - Arrangements Orders (residence and contact)

Child Arrangements orders are orders that the court can make to determine with whom the child/children should live and provisions for the non-resident parent/ person to see or spend time with the child/children. Child Arrangements Orders are not just limited to parents and in certain circumstances non-parents such as grand parents or step parents can be granted these orders.

Specific issue orders and prohibited steps orders:

Specific issue orders are those made where the parties dispute certain issues about a child’s life such as their schooling or religious orientation and health matters. The parties can make an application to court for the court to decide those issues. Prohibited steps orders prohibit a party from taking certain steps in relation to a child, the most common step being the removal of the child from the country. The court can also prohibit a party from re-locating with a child to a different part of the country in certain circumstances. Our people have a passion for the law and justice. We have a desire to make your legal journey as smooth and stress free as possible. It is important to us that we ensure that you understand all of your options and that you are kept up to date with the progress of your case.

Parental Responsibility Orders

A Parental Responsibility Order is an order under the Children Act 1989, which unmarried fathers can apply for when the mother refuses to allow the father to be registered or re-registered on the birth certificate, or refuses to sign a Parental Responsibility Agreement with him.

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We are experienced child law experts. We will work quickly to find a solution for your children matters. We understand that in a child’s life “time is of the essence”.

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