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Our specialists in Residential Landlord & Tenant law advise landlords and tenants on issues of residential tenancies. The issues and law relating to residential tenancies is a highly regulated and technical area where careful detail is essential.

Whatever advice you require, whether as a landlord or a tenant of residential property, we can help. Due to the complexity of this area of law it is always best to seek legal advice at an early stage in your matter.

Disputes with Tenants

It can be extremely frustrating when a tenant does not pay the rent or beaches the terms of a tenancy agreement, behaves in an anti-social manner or even if you simply want your property back for one reason or another. There are strict procedures and time limits to follow. One small mistake can create several months delay for example, in gaining possession of your property. Call us and speak to one of our specialists in this complex area of law.

Disputes with Landlords

If you are a tenant in a rented property it can be very stressful dealing with your housing problem. You may have lost your job and have concerns how you can pay your rent. Your landlord may have served you with a notice to vacate the property and you have nowhere to go; there may be issues with repairs to the property or you may be facing allegations of anti social behaviour. This is to name just a few issues you may have. We are here to provide you with sound advice and representation.

OUR SERVICES INCLUDE but are not limited to :

  • Advice on different types of tenancy
  • Advising on tenancy deposit schemes
  • Advising on and drafting tenancy agreements
  • Breach of tenancy agreements from landlord or tenant
  • Bringing a tenancy to an end
  • Serving notices to end a tenancy
  • Possession proceedings and eviction
  • Representation at court for landlords or tenants
  • Rent arrears
  • Removal of unauthorised occupants
  • Trespass proceedings
  • Disrepair/ dilapidation claims
  • Unlawful eviction and harassment

Why Instruct Us?

We can save you a great deal of time by ensuring your matter is dealt with correctly from the beginning. We will advise you in uncomplicated language. We will listen to your needs and work hard to obtain the quickest and best solution for you.

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